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Brand Like A Boss

First off, let's answer the questions: what is a brand?

Branding isn't just for companies.

You are, in fact, a brand.

How many times has someone ever asked you,“Can you tell me a little about yourself?” or “What do you do?”

That person isn’t asking for your life history or resume; they’re asking for your brand. They are offering you an opportunity to connect with them.

And connection is the key to effective communication. That key can either unlock possibilities or prevent you from opening the door.

Back to branding.

Your brand is essentially your calling card.

It’s how you connect (that word again!) your professional value with your audience.

Wait, Stephanie- what's professional value?

It's not the product or service you provide. It's the value of that product or service.

Back to branding.

Every conversation is a chance to connect with someone.

Every conversation is a chance to get someone excited about the value you provide with your business.

I imagine for MOST of those exchanges, you want the same outcome- to truly connect with the other person and have them feel like they’ve received value from your conversation.

The other option is that your audience walks away feeling neutral and indifferent but even worse, like they wasted their time and energy.

What a missed opportunity!!

If we can’t connect with our own personal brand, how can we expect our audience to feel connected?

We can’t.

Which is why it’s so important to identify your brand and how to share it!

To start you on your branding journey, ask yourself TWO questions:

- How do I want my audience to connect with me and my business?

- How would I want someone to describe me as an extension of my business?

Take 10 minutes to jot down whatever comes to mind. There are no right or wrong answers.

Think of that list as a guide to help you refine your brand identity.

Now, you're on your way!!

If you’re interested in an in-depth branding session and how to craft messaging to empower and excite potential clients and audiences, contact me!

The first step to success in business (and life) is understanding how to communicate and connect with others!


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