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My Story

You're probably wondering- how do you pronounce Coueignoux??

That's usually the first question anyone ever asks me.

The answer is: QUINN-YOU. Coueignoux is French and not-too common even in France.

For the longest time, I thought of my last name as an obstacle rather than an opportunity. But as I was starting off my TV news career, my mom told me- Don't ever change your last name! It's memorable. People will learn how to pronounce it.


Powerful communication is the same way: it is an opportunity rather than an obstacle to share something memorable.


A little about me- I founded Stephanie Coueignoux Coaching after spending 19 years reporting and presenting on TV. As a 3-time Emmy Award winner, I have anchored and reported for national outlets and local media stations around the U.S. 


My favorite part of being a TV news reporter? I have had the privilege of meeting and interviewing thousands of smart, talented, skilled individuals.

What I have found is that many experts do not understand how to translate their knowledge and effectively communicate their message, brand, or purpose. What missed opportunities!

How empowered would you feel if you could walk into a room and immediately connect with anyone? 

How amazing would you feel if you couldn’t WAIT to present and share your vision, goal, brand, or pitch? 

How confident would you feel if you knew a potential client or stranger would be excited to hear from you? 

                 I’d call that a GAME CHANGER. 

A lot of people ask me: how did you get into TV news? It was never a career I envisioned for myself. As someone who is fascinated by human nature and people in general, I majored in psychology. What I have found is TV news and psychology have so many common areas: how to effectively communicate, connect with people, ask the right questions, inspire, and make a positive impact.

My communication coaching philosophy combines both my psychology degree and my TV news experience to help clients reach their full professional potential. 





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