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Ignite Your Inner Superhero!

Effective communication is a superpower.


It can generate tremendous excitement.

It can lead to incredible action.

It's how we stand out and shine.

Miscommunication is expensive and can lead to missed opportunities.

How would your life change if you could communicate with greater clarity, confidence,

and connection?

Imagine if you could walk into a room and know you're going to get the result you want.

Imagine your anxiety or doubt transforming into excitement and confidence.


If you are ready to ignite your inner superhero

and discover your communication superpower, I invite you to sign up for a FREE coaching consultation with me!


It's part inspiration, part information, and a lot of fun! 

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"Communicating our message to the public, especially through the media, has always been challenging for us. Stephanie came in and coached our team, gave us key advice for when we interact with the media, and gave us notes to review to make sure we retain the information. We look forward to continuing to work with Stephanie to help guide us in advancing our mission forward!"

Eric Camarillo, President/CEO SALT Outreach Inc.

"Working with Stephanie changed my life, and I am incredibly grateful. 
Before working with Stephanie, I wasn't sure how to communicate effectively. I stumbled over my words, constantly second-guessed myself, and worked myself up anytime I was asked to give a presentation or an interview. As a result, I would shy away from all public speaking events. I was so filled with self-doubt when I found Stephanie, and boy oh boy, I am so proud of myself for taking that leap and investing in sharpening my communication skills.
Stephanie changed my mindset. I even had my first TV segment during our time together. I once feared public speaking, but now I am excited."

Kimberley Rose-Francis/Registered Dietician Nutritionist

"I design outdoor lighting projects for people's homes and felt I needed to get better at communicating value. After that first consultation with Stephanie, my design-to-client rate increased by 17% over the last month. I feel like my clients are getting a better version of my work now. If a mutual contact hadn't introduced us, I never would have known have miscommunication was costing me."

Joe Kraus, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Gain confidence

Connect with anyone

Be excited to speak

Present your best self
in person, on air, and online

Define your brand

Create powerful messaging

Excel at landing deals

Succeed at sales pitches

Elevate your leadership

Create speech experiences

Love to speak!


Do you ever get anxious about speaking with your boss, potential clients, or strangers?

Do you spend precious energy and time practicing your message and delivery but never feel truly confident?

Do you actually feel depleted and drained after these conversations or presentations?


Do you worry and replay those moments over and over again in your mind, picking apart every sentence and each reaction?


Are you dreading the next time you have a critical conversation or important presentation?


Do you believe if you could communicate more effectively, you would excel even more professionally?


I am here to help you unlock the value of your voice, help you take control of your message, and transform your anxiety into excitement so you can communicate with confidence!

You will be able to walk into any situation and confidently speak with anyone, and get them excited to hear from you! 


Powerful presenting happens when your mindset, messaging, and methods align.

Image by Milad Fakurian


 Nerves are the worst, am I right?! What if you could eliminate them? What if instead of focusing on your heart rate or the reaction to your message, you could focus on being present when presenting your message? GAME CHANGER!! The key is to manage your mindset. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. It can be an asset or a barrier. When you're comfortable and in control, confidence flows. When you feel unsure and out of control, that impacts your presentation. If you don’t start from within, your insecurities will shine out. My mindset management tools will allow you to flourish without fear!

Image by Diana Polekhina


What is messaging? It's more than the words you communicate, it's also about you and your audience. In order to create powerful communication, all three areas need to align and create connection. Learn how to identify and define your brand. Learn how to craft messaging that generates excitement and creates results. Learn how to grab your audience's attention from the get-to. Once you learn the techniques to powerful storytelling, you will be able to create immediate connection and understanding!

Female Speaker


Methods are the technical aspect of a powerful presentation- YOU! Your voice and your body are the vehicles delivering your message. From your appearance to your intonation to where you place your hands- details matter. Confidence is a byproduct of control. If you feel in control of your voice, body, and appearance, confidence will naturally flow. You are signaling strength. Keep in mind- you are a human. I’m here to help you access your best authentic self!


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